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Colorificio Sifra is proud to offer its clients a flexible and varied service portfolio so to be a trustworthy partner, not only from a technical perspective. Willing to accept and evaluate any requests in terms of the customized formulation, application or fast delivery, the company promotes a complete experience where the best traits of family management merges with a modern and innovative spirit.

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our tinting system

For those clients who do not have a tinting system Sifra, produces tinted enamels, starting from our binders, for quantities between 20kg and 150kg. The service is quick and highly precise thanks to Sifra's colouring experts and updated formulating software.

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internal delivery

Your orders handled by reliable people! Colorificio Sifra has its own trucks to deliver materials within a range of 300km. This service guarantees punctual and safe delivery of the goods, minimizing possible damages.

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tailored development

We develop customized products for your unique needs! Our laboratory technicians, with former experience in leading companies, challange to find practical and innovative solutions for new requests emerged from the market. Working together will make us growing faster!

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retail shop

You can find and buy all our products at our retail shop in via Milano 25, Brescia, where you will have a friendly welcome before being guided thoughtfully in the choice of the products that suit your needs. We serve with the same attention both professionals and private customers, from the passionate hobbiest to first-time applicators. 

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