industrial coating

Colorificio Sifra hits the general industry - its core business - with a wide range of products for classic industrial applications, reliable and easy to apply. In order to satisfy the largest numbers of clients, Sifra has developped the Siframix tinting system that enriched the traditional line of coloured primers and enamels.

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the siframix tinting system

Over twenty pigment concentrates and an evolving series of binders for industrial applications, counting more than 40 different products. The book of formulas is managed by a dynamic and intuitive software.

The system is completed by the Industrialmix line: aluminium, pearl and fluorescent pigment concentrates.

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primers and enamels ready to use

Five, ready to use, industrial product lines: 

  • Sirsintex e Sirsintex RE: anti rust primers and alkyd enamels 
  • Sifracell: nitro resin based primers and enamels
  • Sifraepox: bi-component epoxy primers and enamels
  • Sifrapur: polyurethane primers and enamels, from matt to glossy
  • Sifracril: acrylic and poly-acrylic primers, enamels and varnishes, from matt to glossy

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special products

Primers, enamels or varnishes with low solvent content or solvent free, specifically formulated for industrial applications requiring high performance and compliant to strict environmental standards.

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water based products

New, low-impact technology that guarantees quality and long lasting results. An example? A water-based cycle certified C5-M according to ISO12944! Find out all the new water based industrial products in the new catalogue!

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