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Mission & Vision


To protect and colour the spaces we live in, so that the technical know-how and the color emotion together would comfort our daily life.


Colorificio Sifra still wants to be a dynamic and flexible company, ready to gather new market needs and to find the best possible way to satisfy them in terms of quality, costs and assistance.

The chemical knowledge and the technical properties of the output are respectively the main driver and the objective of the company; a simple internal organization based on competent and reliable employes directed by a trustworthy management helps to reach the goal.

colorificio sifra bs


Colorificio Sifra was founded in Brescia by Siro Franchi in 1959.

Starting as a commercial company in the architectural and industrial market, Sifra began to formulate its own products in 1968, after having acquired a historical coating company in town, Colorificio Boccardi.

In 1985, the business was growing fast and the operative area close to the city centre wasn't suitable anymore; then, Dr. Gianfranco Franchi, founder's son and head of the company, built a new productive site in Capriano del Colle, a small village 15km south of Brescia. The original building still hosts the head office and the retail shop.

In the last decade, Sifra's know-how grew further thanks to the investement in the R&D new laboratory and two strategic acquisitions: Colorificio ICTS in the architectural market and Colorificio Ernesto Stoppani for piping and anticorrosion coatings, today IBS Industrie Bruno Stoppani srl.

colorificio sifra bs

The role of Research

Colorificio Sifra identifies the technical and chemical knowledge of surface protection as the key for its success.

The R&D activities are performed by a team of professionals with previous experience in international companies or thoroughly trained inside the company; raw materials are selected carefully among the most reliable suppliers in the market and they are mixed in a fully equipped lab to create new products.

The technical assistence on field is part of the developing process, where the application methods and condition and the duration over time are checked.

R&D, as well as all the other business functions, operates according to the most recent quality standards reported in ISO 9001:2008.

colorificio sifra bs

A Sustainable growth

Even in its limited relevance, Colorificio Sifra wants to keep to the tradition of the italian chemical industry, that today more than ever must consider its environmental impact. Therefore, Sifra carefully follows specific procedures for waste disposal and proposes products with low solvent content to the market.

New formulas are designed according to the most recent standards for environmental and human safety; when explicitly required by national or international regulations, newly developed products are analyzed and certified by  accredited external laboratories.

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